• Finally an Easy-to-Implement Client-Enrollment Process 
    to Help Get Your Message in Front of Those Who Need it Most…!



    Webinars & Video
    Client-Enrollment Mastery

    Step-by-Step Newbie Friendly Instructions,with Access to All You Need to
    Get Started Enrolling MORE Clients & Generating More Sales!


    * THIS IS FOR YOU, if you are selling One-on-One Coaching, Group Coaching, Home Study Courses, Bootcamps, or other Premium-Priced Services or Products! *


STOP Wasting Your Precious Time
on Ineffective Client-Enrollment, Marketing, & Sales Strategies

  • If you are tired of giving away countless complimentary sessions and not seeing results… 
  • If most of what you’ve been taught about selling your services online seem to produce dismal results…
  • If you are ready to Start Implementing some Powerful Strategies that are
    proven to generate outstanding results, then you’ll LOVE this…!

Spending the same amount of Time – OR LESS – as it would Take You to Sell to One Person…!

Your Time is Your Most Precious Asset – Use it Wisely!

When your Complimentary Session doesn’t result in a paying client, your failure rate for your time-investment is 100% – Total Waste of Time! Time that you’ll never get back.

Almost anything in life is replaceable – can make more of them: possessions, money – some say even love and relationships are replaceable (ask my buddy, Jeff, who’s been married five times 🙂 ) – but there’s one thing that we can’t make more of or replace: TIME!

Maximize Your Time with Webinars & Video
Get Your Message In Front of Those Who Need it the Most

If you put on webinars in the past, but did not generate sales, keep on reading… Presenting a webinar and delivering a Customer-Generating Webinar tare about as different as a cool bicycle from a Ferrari. e’Hm! Yes, the Customer-Generating Webinar is the Ferari of marketing strategies – the one that generates the highest return on your time investment!

If you’ve never put on webinars, keep reading – Your Time is NOW! If you don’t start now, then When…? I’ll show you step-by-step how to put on successful webinars that sell… as well as I’ll provide you some Done-for-You Templates that will help you create most of the process effortlessly.


  • If you can talk AND have something of value to offer, you can do a webinar!
  • Presenting webinars has very little to do with public speaking – at least not in it’s traditional sense. Presenting webinars is about delivering value to those who need/want  that info badly – your ideal clients. It can be almost like a friendly conversation, just sharing something of value… except, to sell, YES, we’ll have to structure it a little better than just a friendly chat 🙂
  • Once you present two or three webinars, it starts getting easier and more fun; and once you make those first sales – YEY, now it’s getting super-exciting and it becomes “addictive,” wanting to repeat that experience over and over again!

I Wouldn’t Even Know How to Get Started…

  • Now worries there! You’ll get the complete, Step-by-Step Blueprint with what to do first, next… You’ll get a MindMap, a Checklist, Tutorial Videos, AND Weekly Support Calls… for an entire year! How’s that for giving you everything you need to getting started AND taking away any and all possible excuses why you couldn’t put on a webinar…? We might even give you a webinar ready to be presented…!


  • Many believe that technology is what’s stopping them from delivering webinars. Trust me, that’s the easy part; and I’ll show you exactly how to overcome any technology “challenges.”
  • These days there are several reliable FREE webinar-delivery technologies that even the most successful, 6- and 7-figure earners, use. So, cost should not be an issue either
  • When you join the Webinar & Video Client-Enrollment Mastery program, we’ll help you setting up all areas of your “technology,” even create your Pre-Webinar and Post-Webinar eMails; and even hooking the follow-up messages up to your autoresponder…. if you need help with that. In one word, we’ll take the technology worries off your plate!

7 Reasons Why Webinars are the Most Effective Way to 
Enroll Clients and to Generate Sales for Your Premium Priced Offers

  1. The #1 Reason for Putting on Webinars – as mentioned earlier – is that it allows you to exponentially maximize your time and enables you to sell to many in a short time.  
    Some of the most successful coaches, consultants, and marketers have a single webinar that they deliver at lest once or twice a week… some deliver it almost daily. Some of them several times a day, generating 5 to 6 figure incomes every month!
  2. Presenting webinars helps you become seen Instantly as a Credible and Trusted Professional!
    Selling with webinars is way way easier than with any other forms of selling
    , because you are instantly seen as an authority in your topic (even if You don’t view yourself as one!)
  3. Disregarded and unknown by many, Webinars are one of the greatest List-Builder Marketing “Tools,” helping you grow a large followership of potential buyers – or potential clients. Once you have this list, you’ll never be without clients!
  4. Once you have a great webinar, you can offer to deliver it to others’ large audiences (we’ll have a whole training on this!)
  5. Putting on webinars helps you deepen your knowledge in your field. As you are structuring your webinar, you’ll be forced to think of your offer in a more systematic way… you might also have to do some research to include in your content. You’ll find that each time you’ll create – and put on – a webinar, you’ll get better and better at understanding and delivering your content!
  6. As you create the framework for your webinar, that same framework can help you plan your next (or first) book…  (I have some great guides and tutorials to help you publish your book to amazon at No Cost!)
  7. Can use the recordings of your webinars in multiple ways:
    • To reach more audiences (sharing on social media, as free giveaway, freebie, or opt-in offer, etc)
    • Can be added into your membership site as content
    • Can chop it up in multiple videos and upload to YouTube, reaching 1000s – potentially 100,000s of potential clients

7 Reasons Why You Should Also Consider Adding
VIDEOS* to Your Marketing Mix

* – Don’t worry about the technology! The way I’ll show it to you, it’ll be easy, quick, and easy-to-do!

  1. Video is now used by about 99% of all financially successful coaches, consultants, speakers, authors – and anyone who is serious about marketing their offers online.
  2. Using videos on your landing pages or web pages; and/or using them in your blogs, provide your potential client a sense that they know you.  And you know who people like to do business with, right? “… with People they Know, Like, and Trust!” – You got that right!
  3. Creating videos became really easy. If you have an android phone, you can create a video. OR if you don’t want your face in the video, all you need is a good headset and an inexpensive screen recorder, such as Screen-Cast-oMatic or ScreenFlow; OR just use the free Google Hangouts Video Recording feature – that one will place your video directly to YouTube as well. 
    * Use a few PowerPoint slides to shoot your video, or do a screen-capture vid. 
  4. Uploading videos to YouTube can enable your message to be seen by 1000s – or potentially 100,000s – All Around the World!!! How cool is that!?
    * In the Webinar & Video Client-Enrollment Mastery program, I’ll show you how to create videos that have the biggest chance to be viewed by most people, AND how to create them in a way that it gets you a few clients or a few sales as well!
  5. Videos put your Relationship-Building aspect, with your potential clients, on autopilot. If webinars help you build your relationship with a few dozen people during each presentations, videos do the same but on steroids(!), just like a little Automated Sales Rep, allowing you to develop relationships with your ideal clients 24-hours a day, 365 days a year!
  6. Once you create a video, it’s done. You have it. Now you can use it in multiple ways:
    • Upload to YouTube for increased visibility
    • Add it into one of your modules, into your membership site (if you don’t have one, I’ll provide you with a series of tutorials on how to create one from scratch)
    • Create freebies – opt-in offers – that you can give away to collect your ideal clients’ contact information
    • Create an Video eCourse that you can give away as a freebie (in exchange for the subscriber’s contact info) OR sell it!
    • Share them on Social Media… you never know, some might go Viral(ish), connecting you to 1000s of new people, who otherwise would have Not known about you!
    • And way way more uses – This short list just scratches the surface – Video can help you grow your business in a myriad of ways…!
      But let’s first start with converting your Webinars into multiple Videos and uploading them to YouTube… and perhaps creating freebies that you can give away on your website. We can work on the other cool stuff later!
  7. Since we are already working on helping you put on Webinars… guess what…!? (As mentioned earlier) Each time you present a webinar, your recording can be chopped up into multiple videos and can be uploaded to YouTube. So, Even if you don’t know how to create videos, your videos will be created for you Automatically!  
    * I uploaded many of my webinars in their entirety, as well as chopped them up into multiple mini videos.

Now that we know the benefits of Webinars and Videos, let’s see how we can help you

Introducing the

Webinar & Video Client-Enrollment Mastery
 6-Weeks Group Coaching Program!

Who is this 6-weeks program for?
* 6 Weeks Intensive “Hold-your-hands” type Group Coaching, plus a Full-Year of Support, with bi-weekly  Group Coaching  and Q&A Sessions *

Webinars and Videos are The Two Most Powerful Client-Enrollment & Sales Tools! When put together properly AND promoted the right way, you’ll never be without clients or without sales. These two tools are truly the closest it comes to having a “Virtual ATM Machine” that can generate you an income whenever you want. 

This hands-on program is for you if…

  • If you want too use Webinars & Video to Become Seen, Trusted, & Hired!
  • If you’ve been wishing to put on webinars, and/or promote your services with video, but you didn’t know how to do it the right way
  • If you have a great service – or a great passion – that you’d love to monetize more effectively
  • If you like ongoing guidance (a full year!) to help you implement what you learn
  • If you’d like someone to be there for you to help you with any and all of your technology challenges… related to webinars, OR related to any part of your business
  • If you put on webinars in the past, but was unable to monetize those presentations
  • If you need help getting clearer on your Target Market – on who should you sell your services to – We have an entire module helping you with this!
  • If you wish to articulate better What you provide and Who you serve – Creating your “Perfect Sales Webinar” will force you to choose a clear focus for your offer/s and express more clearly your offer and its benefits

Get Your First Sale
with Your Webinar in as Little as 21-Days…!  
I Might Even Promote* it for you to 60,000+ Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, and New Entrepreneurs…!

* – To be considered for this, it has to be a good fit for the audience

Do You Have a Program or Offer that You Are Ready to Monetize?

If you just needed some direction – and perhaps some support with technology – you can use the 21-Day Quick-Start BluePrint, to get your first (or next) Customer-Generating Webinar up and running!


  • Checklist with daily activities, helping you create the following:
    • Webinar – including how to structure it to maximize your sales
    • “Invitation to webinar” message
    • Pre-Webinar eMails
    • Post-Webinar eMails
    • “Increase the Number of Attendees to the Webinar” strategies checklist
  • MindMap with all the action items (same as in the Checklist) for those who love the visual component of MindMaps
  • Templates for about all you need to put on your webinar – just modify, adding your own info:
    • Sample Sales Webinar template 
    • PowerPoint Templates you can use for your webinar
    • “Invitation to webinar” message
    • Pre-Webinar eMail Series
    • Post-Webinar eMails Series
  • Checklist to use Before, During, and After the webinar
    • Elements you must ensure to include in your webinar, to maximize engagement AND sales
    • Reminders of actions you need to take the days and hours before the webinar
    • Once on the webinar platform, what to say the minutes before the webinar
    • REMINDER TO HIT “RECORD” (Crucial 🙂 )
    • What to say at the start-time of the presentation
    • What actions to take after the webinar
  •  21 Ways to Promote Your Webinar – checklist
  • How to Get Others to Promote Your Webinars – checklist

Finally a Newbie Friendly Step-by-Step Program to Help You Create Clients-Enrolling Webinars & Videos


* – In case you miss any of the live training sessions, each week’s presentation will be recorded and made available to you in the members area! You can also always send an eMail if you have any questions about the content in the recorded session. Response time to eMails varies between a few minutes to 24-hours. If your question is short and succint, you’ll usually get a reply in 10 to 90 minutes.


In the first week we’ll work on creating some clarity in the direction of your business, and how webinars & video fit into helping you promote your services or products:

  • Get clear on WHO do you want to serve – who is your ideal client who’ll want to buy what you have to offer?
  • Get clear on WHAT you want to offer to your Ideal Clients – What service or product – What Solutions – do they need? In what format do you propose to deliver it (one-on-one coaching, group coaching, membership site, video series… or a combination of each?)
  • We’ll create your “avatar” – that is, a clear description of your ideal client, so you understand better his/her pain; and know how to address them. You’ll know how to talk to them in your eMail & Other Communication with them.
  • Pick a topic for your Webinar (or Video) – one that your ideal clients will appreciate that you are providing to them


Create a Powerful Webinar Description

To get your Ideal Clients attend your webinar, you’ll need to Create an Engaging Webinar Description!

  • Introduction to Power Words – or “Trigger Words” and their importance in createing powerful webinar descriptions (and descriptions of your services in general)
  • We’ll help you Create a Powerful Webinar Title that talks directly to your Ideal Clients needs, giving them but only One Choice – ok, maybe two choices: 1) Sign up for the webinar (possible); or 2) Read the description of your webinar (YEY, they might be interested…!)  AND Then sign up for the webinar 🙂
  • Create a Webinar Description that will engage your ideal client at an emotional level and generate a strong desire for them to attend your event (YEY, Victory! 🙂 )


WEEK 3: 
Planning Your Webinar

In week three, we’ll build the “skeleton” of your webinar, and decide what do you want to cover in your presentation:

  • Decide on What Outstanding & Engaging Value do you want to provide during your presentation.
  • I’ll show you How to Structure Your Webinar to Generate Maximum Sales – You’ll discover what exact elements do you need to include in your webinar – What do you have to say and when to say it, in order to convert the largest numbers of your attendees into buyers.
  • Create a Simple yet Most Powerful Outline
  • Newbie Mistakes to Avoid when deciding on what to cover in your presentation (Webinar OR Video)
  • Create an outline with “Modules” that’ll engage your attendees AND want to continue getting more content from you
  • Two Simple Methods to Creating the Actual Content for your webinar

*** Sample Webinar Outline Template provided – It includes all the elements of a powerful Sales Webinar – you just need to tweak the content to include your offer.

*** I also have the PowerPoint Slides (and even a sample video presentations) for some ready-to-go webinars in several niches – if we find one that suits your needs, I’ll be glad to gift you one of these! 


How to Turn Your Webinar Attendees into Life-Time “Followers” & Buyers, 
and How to Automate Most of the Process…!

In week four, we’ll discuss how to develop your relationship with those who are considering to attend your webinars… AND with those who already attended your webinar/s… and you’ll find out how to Automate about 99% of this process(!) 

If you like technology, you’ll enjoy this Module; if not, no worries, I’ll show you step-by-step how implement the few strategies you need to implement; OR if you sign up for the Done-for-You Package, we’ll put in place all of these for you. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in this exciting module:

  • How to Engage Your Audience – the ones who signed up for your webinars:
    • How to engage them and build relationships with them before the webinar
    • During the Webinar
    • And After the Webinar
    • And… How to Automate ALL This, so you can focus more time on delivering your services!
  • Become Known, Liked, and Trusted!  7 MORE Ways to Connect* with Your Webinar “Audience”… even if they signed up, but never attended… Find out how to convert even non-attendees into true fans and later (those who are ready) convert them into paying customers/clients! 
    * – Some of these 7 strategies are automated, some you’ll need to invest 2 to 3 minutes… and some will take about 15 to 20 minutes to put in place!
  • eMail Marketing Strategies – The importance of pre- and post-Webinar eMails. Engaging our potential clients and developing a relationship with them is a crucial part of the process(!)  

* – You’ll get sample Pre- and Post-Webinar eMail samples, that you can tweak and use for your own webinars. These are the emails that you send out before the webinar, to ensure that the maximum number of people attend; and after the webinar, to increase the number of sales!

  • Do I need an Autoresponder…? and if yes, What Autoresponder should you use… and How the heck do you use those things.…?  No worries – It’s simpler than you think! You just need someone to show you… OR if you’d rather not mess with it, we can help you take care of all this! You’ll see the details at the bottom of the page about Done-for-You Services.
  •  Create Effective PowerPoint Slides that’ll Get You Most Sales, Making sure that your slides allow attendees to get engaged in your presentation… NOT getting distracted! 
    One of the biggest enemy of sales, for many presenters – is the crapy, cheesy, overwhelming PowerPoint slides they use. You’ll learn how to create simple yet powerful slides for your presentations… what to include in them… and what NOT to include in them

    * – You’ll also get at least three sample PowerPoint Templates that you can use right away
  • The “Best” Webinar Platform – We’ll discuss which webinar platform you should use for your presentations (at least one Great One is absolutely FREE, and there are some under $20 that have all the bells-and-whistles of the fancy platforms. 
    Needless to say, mastering your webinar platform is crucial to your success. Luckily, there are several platforms that are really easy to use, and I’ll show you exactly how to use them (you’ll also get a checklist that’ll tell you exactly what to do)

WEEK 5: 
21 Ways to Promote Your Webinar

In week five, we’ll explore the most effective ways to promote your webinar, trying to capitalize on what works best; as well as explore your strengths and capitalize on them.

  • How to Capitalize on Your Existing Network to get visibility for your webinars
  • How to Get Others to Promote Your Webinar – Ideally individuals who have access to 1000s of your ideal clients (It’s actually easier to get promoted by these guys than many think – it’s a process, but it’s very doable)
  • How to use FaceBook Ads and FB Boosted Posts to reach 10,000s of (exactly) the types of clients you need – it requires a little $$$s, but if you have a great program, the return on your investment will be multi-fold!
  • 5 LinkedIn StrategiPeople Attract the Right People to Attend Your Webinar
  • … and several more great ways to get people to attend your webinars

*** – As you’ll explore the bonuses, you’ll notice that – if you sign up for the course –  I’ll promote your program to my lists and LI Groups, to more than 60,000 individuals. This one, though, comes with a caveat: Your program has to be a good fit for the audience (coaches, consultants, authors, and wannabe coaches, consultants, and speakers). 

When we decide that you are ready, you’ll deliver your webinar to one of my smaller lists – maybe 10 to 20 people will show up to the live webinar, and about double that will listen to the recording; then if that goes well, I’ll share your webinar with the 60,000+ list.

Cool or Super-Cool…? I’d say this, all by itself, is one of the  Super-Duper-Coolest benefit of signing up for this program! 


WEEK 6: 
Creating Spin-Off Content off Your Webinars!

In week six, we’ll discuss one of the most exciting facets of putting on webinars… You’ll find out how to use your webinar content to create more business-growth and even profit-booster content.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover in this module:

  • Plan your webinars with the “end in mind”! Plan to create a series of webinars that you can then take the recording and convert them into videos that you’ll use in more ways to generate a profit:
    • Create a Home Study Course
    • Add them to your new (or existing) Membership Site
    • Add the videos to a FREE Membership Site, that you can use to build an “army” of followers… then stay in touch with them and sell them your services (with the methods that you learned in Week 4)
    • Create a paid Video Course
    • Create an Amazon Video Product
  • Maximize the Reach of Your Webinar Content! Become seen and connect with 1000s of your potential clients… Every Month!  Transform your webinar recordings into multiple videos and upload them to YouTube. 
    • I’ll show you an easy way to edit your videos – 100% FREE 
    • We’ll explore how to title your videos and how to create Video Descriptions that’ll attract 1000s of viewers (hopefully every month)
    • We’ll talk about the importance of tags and what tags to use toVideo Marketing Ninja stuff that will help you get more views… 
    • Discover a Video Marketing Ninja strategy that will ensure that about 95% or more of the Related Videos – the videos that are shown on the right side of your video – will be your videos… NOT your competitors’ videos (if you are not sure what this means, no worries – it’s something that we all want to achieve, and I’ll show you how to do it with a very simple strategy)
  • Find out how you can easily take your webinar content and turn it into an amazon-published book (and it’ll cost you $0.00!)
  • Explore several more ways to capitalize on the content you created, as you build your webinars


To Even Higher Levels with these

If you are on the fence, and unsure if you should enroll in this or not, here are some Bonus Resources that might help you decide.

Once you sign up, you’ll
Get Instant Access to these Resources!

 * – We’ll only have 12 people in this 6-Weeks Live Training, so I can work individually with each of the participants – Yes, I know, this is not really a Bonus, but it’s definitely a great benefit, knowing that you’ll get personalized attention and I’ll have the time to answer all your questions, every step of the way!

(At Least)$2000.00 Value

Promote Your Webinar* to 70,000+ 
Coaches, Speakers, & Authors

*** – This is a “Conditional Bonus” – I’ll have to see that your offer is a good fit for my audience. 

If it’s an appropriate topic, you will first have a chance to present your webinar to one of my smaller lists; then if we both fill confident that you are ready for the Big List, then we’ll promote you to my 70,000+ followers(!)

$2365.00 Value

One Year Membership in MyClientAttractionAcademy, with instant access to 150-hours of Business-Building & Marketing Video Tutorials and all the resources you need to grow your business:

  • BI-WEEKLY SUPPORT AND Q&A CALLS (This alone is worth WAY more than your investment today)
  • Access to Sample Sales Scripts
  • Access to Sample Marketing Materials for more than 100 industries
  • Access to our Library of 100+ Elevator Pitches (for various professionals)
  • Business-Growth Planners
  • And much much more…!

If you were to sign up to be a member of the academy, you’d pay $197.00 per month, totaling $2365.00 for a year ($1.00 for the first month; $197.00 monthly, for 11 more months).

When you sign up for the Webinars & Video Client-Enrollment Mastery Program, you instantly get access to all the resources… Plus, you get to utilize all those resources for a  Full-Year!

How Cool is That!?.


$1500.00 Value

How to Sell Premium-Priced Programs
Easy-to-Follow, Professionally Recorded 25-PART

You’ve seen these courses pop-up all over – HOW TO SELL HIGH TICKET PRODUCTS AND SERVICES – Often priced, at a $3500 to $5000 fee. This is almost the exact same program, minus the stellar cost.

Here are some of the titles of the videos:


1. Why Sell Premium-Priced Products or Services?
2. How Big Ticket Purchasing Clients Think
3. How To Attract High Paying Clients
4. How To Position Yourself As An Expert
5. The Truth About Demonstrating Value

6. Group Coaching
7. 1-on-1 Coaching
8. Done For You Services

9. Why Use Webinars?
10. The High Converting Webinar Formula
11. The Best Webinar Platforms
12. How To Automate Your Webinar

13. Using FB Ads To Send Targeted Traffic – Part 1
14. Using FB Ads To Send Targeted Traffic – Part 2
15. Using FB Ads To Send Targeted Traffic – Part 3
16. How To Make Your FB Profile A Big Ticket Client Magnet
17. Email Marketing Campaigns For Big Ticket Clients
18. Using Product Launch To Send Leads

19. How To Schedule Appointments
20. Strategy Session Formula
21. Call To Action – How To Close The Sale
22. How To Overcome Common Objections
23. How To Save The Sale

24. How To Manage Client Expectations
25. How To Conduct Group Coaching
26. How To Scale Your Big Ticket Business

Let’s face it…, even if you just got this product, AND Implemented It, it’d already worth many times over your investment.

And NOT Only that you are getting this product AND get to attend and benefit from the 6-Weeks Webinars & Video Client-Enrollment Mastery program, but you also get a full-year of Group Coaching Support, where you’ll get my personal help to implement all of these strategies!




If you read this far, there’s an excellent chance that
this is the right program and support package for you!

And to make it even more attractive for you, you also get my
90-Days 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If you implement the strategies I’m sharing with you, and you don’t get the results you expected, you can request a full refund within 90-days from your date of purchase!


Choose Below the Package that Suits Your Needs Best!

 The Pro


  • Webinars & Video Clients-Enrollment
    Mastery 6 Weeks Training/Coaching
  • 1-Year Bi-Weekly Support and Q&A Calls
  • Sales Webinar Template
  • 3 PowerPoint Templates
  • Pre- and Post-Webinar eMails
  • Swipe File of High-Converting
    Copy-and-Paste Webinar Titles

  • Swipe File of High-Converting Headlines
    (for Your Website & Landing Pages)
  • 4-Hours of One-on-One Coaching
    (Use them as needed, within 1-year!)
  • $2865.00 in BONUSES

Click to Get the Pro Package!



  • Webinars & Video Clients-Enrollment
    Mastery 6 Weeks Training/Coaching
  • 1-Year Bi-Weekly Support and Q&A Calls
  • Sales Webinar Template
  • 3 PowerPoint Templates
  • Pre- and Post-Webinar eMails
  • Swipe File of High-Converting
    Copy-and-Paste Webinar Titles

  • Swipe File of High-Converting Headlines
    (for Your Website & Landing Pages)
  • 6-Hours of One-on-One Coaching
    (Use them as needed, within 1-year!)
  • $2865.00 in BONUSES

    * Includes DONE-FOR-YOU Services *
  • We’ll Develop for You a 30-Slide
    PowerPoint Presentation on Your Topic
  • We’ll  Create ALL the Web Pages
    • Webinar Sign Up Page
      (We’ll integrate your autoresponder)
    • Thank You Page, with Call to Action
    • Confirmation Page, with Call to Action
    • Product Download Page
      or Service-Delivery Info Page
    • Sales Page – Where you’ll
      describe your product or service
    • In short, We’ll create all the pages you need for your 
      Sales Webinar Launch (* Up to 10 Pages *)
  • We’ll Help You Create Your FREEBIE – The Opt-in
    Give-Away Value that You’ll Provide Subscribers
    in Exchange for their Contact Info
  • Create your Pre- and Post-Webinar eMail Series
  • We’ll Configure Your Autoresponder
    and Upload Your Post-Webinar Follow-up Messages
  • Help You Create a Membership Area
    on Your Website (If Applicable)

Click to Get the Premium Package!

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