1 - Why Target "Big Ticket" Clients

BIG TICKET CLIENTS - Think of "Big Ticket Clients" as...

1. Clients who buy premium packages, such as 6-months coaching package, for $9950.00; or 1-year package for $15,000.00


2. Clients who buy your "regular" coaching package, for $500.00 to $1500.00 per month

It's up to you what type of client you see as a "Big Ticket Client"  - one thing to keep in mind, though, is that Coaching is NOT a "small ticket" investment. Your coaching services are competing against Amazon books, Video Courses, low fee membership sites; and, yes, even against free resources found on the internet.

Which means, that when someone has to pay $500.00 to $1500.00 per month for your services, that definitely meets the criteria of "BIG TICKET."

*** The KEY is to approach potential clients who Need AND Want the service you provide!

*** DO NOT give away free sessions indiscriminately to anyone and everyone! It's the fastest way to wasting lots of time wiht no results to show. Instead identify individuals who have a Major Need, Pain, Frustration, or Burning Desire, and offer your complimentary session to them... Though, when set up right, you won't even have to do complimentary (or strategic) sessions.

*** A Word on Being an "EXPERT" -  You are right, you do not need to be an expert in your nicheBUT, you will be perceived by your client as such, and rightly so. You are an "expert" in providing coaching services in your niche, and as a result you help your clients achieve their desired results. We coaches don't call that "expertise," but many of our clients will view us as "experts."

Of course, if you do have experience or training in your chosen niche - or focus - for your coaching business, it will help you in multiple ways. You'll be able to understand better your clients' challenges, as well you'll be more likely to get hired, as a result of your training or experience.

NOTE: Video #1 (on top) mentions to "Take a Deposit" - This is definitely a great idea when offering coaching "packages" - such as 3 months, 6-months, or 1-year coaching - for a high fee.  If your package costs $5000.00, for example, you could ask for a $2500.00 deposit, and 5 payments of $500 each. It is up to you how you structure it.  Most coaches require the whole investment up-front, BUT it'll increase the number of sign-ups if you are more flexible and provide a payment plan (unless you definitely do not want to do that, in order to avoid working with people who have financial limitations, for example).

For month-to-month coaching, the first month fee would be the "deposit" (they just pay up-front for each month, and set it up as a recurring payment with PayPal payment or your own payment gateway ). Some coaches require a 90-days commitment and they request 3-months fees in advance.

* - Let me know if you don't know how to set up Automated Payments on PayPal, Stripe, or SquareUp - I'll send you a video tutorial

* * *

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2 - How Big Ticket Clients Think

3 - How to Position Yourself as an Expert 

4 - How to Attract High Paying Clients

5 - The Truth of Demonstrating Value

6 - Group Coaching

7 - One-on-One Coaching


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